Terms of Use

These Terms of Use form the agreement between you (“the Customer”) and Global Lines inc. (“We” or “the Company”) for using our products (meaning every physical product we provide). These terms apply to all the purchases and rentals.Please read the terms carefully as they affect your legal rights and obligations.

We reserve the right to amend these terms of Use at any time, and such changes will go into effect on the day of the amendments.


The Company provides services for customers who are at least 13 years of age on the condition that they agree to the Terms of Use.


When you place an order through our website (http://g-handyman.shop), you will be asked to provide the address where you wish to receive your order and pickup date and time (if applicable). We will not be held responsible in any case if you fail to receive your order given that it has been delivered to the address your provided and at the time and date you designated.

When you receive your order, it is your responsibility to check all the products and verify if they are in good working condition.

In any case that we have to inspect whether the delivery has been made in time or not, we fully agree and trust on what the delivery system has claimed.

Returns (for rental product)

The Customer is required and obliged to return the rental products no later than midnight on the last day of the rental period. The package must be postmarked on that day or the day after.

The products must be returned in a good working condition. Otherwise, the customer is obligated to pay for the compensation that applies to the corresponding damaged items.

In any case that you have lost the return packet(return envelope) that we provide, you must take full responsibility to find an alternative way to return all the return products and pay for the expenses.

Use of Products

All products must be used for legitimate and legal purposes. We will terminate the contract if the Customer fails to do so.

We require you to exercise reasonable care in the use of our products, and handle all the products in accordance with the instructions we provide.
Furthermore, you are obliged to agree that you will not modify, repair or damage any of the products and that you are fully responsible if any of these action has been made. Customers are obliged to pay for the compensation that applies to the corresponding item that has been modified, repaired, or damaged.

Ownership of Products

By using our service, you agree and acknowledge that you will acquire no rights in the products and that the Company will retain all ownership of the products, including but not limited to user guides and accessories.

Loss and Damage

All customers are obliged to report to the company for any loss or damages caused during the rental period and follow instructions given afterwards.

Any of those cases will result in the incurrence of additional charges stated in Compensation section.


In any case that any of the following incidents occur, you are obligated to compensate the specified amount stated below.

(a) Delay

Failure to return the rental products promptly will result in the additional fees.

These fees will be calculated based on the discounted rate (1,080 Yen / day) of the original rental period and will be charged until the day we receive all the rental products.

(b) Loss

Benri-WiFi: 25,000 yen (regardless of model)
AC adapter: 2,000 yen
USB cable: 1,000 yen

(c) Failure of receipt

If you could not pick up your Benri-WiFi and it is difficult for you to pick it up at the same airport post office on the following business day, please contact us by email as soon as possible. In that case, please tell us the next place you would like to receive another Benri-WiFi after 3 days from the date of sending an email to us. We cannot promise to send another Benri-Wifi within 2 days.we need to charge you 2,000 yen for collection cost and extra shipping fee.

In order to avoid troubles, we strongly recommend you to pick up your Benri-WiFi at the next destination or the place you stay if your flight arrives at the airport sometime less than 3 hours ahead of the end time of the post office opening hours. For example, if your airplane is supposed to arrive at Narita airport at 7 pm and the post office closes at 8 pm. It has only 1 hour to the closing time so you might not be able to go to the post office to pick up your Benri-WiFi if your flight gets late.

In the case the customer ignores or fails to pay the compensation fees that apply to him/her, we might have to file a case to the court of law.

Cancellation and Refund

We accept any cancellation requests of any order at any time. However, the amount that we refund will depend on how early the customer sends the request for the cancellation of the order.
Should you cancel your order, please send us an email with your order information.

・Notifying us one week or more days before receiving date: Full refund

For example, If you inform us of cancellation by 11:59 pm on 3rd of September which is 7 days before the original date of receiving, 10th of September, we will refund the full amount.

・Notifying us within 6 to 4 days before receiving date: 50% refund

For example, If you inform us of cancellation by 11:59 pm on 6th of September which is 4 days before the original date of receiving, 10th of September 50% will be refunded.

・Notifying us after 3 days before the receiving date: There is no refund.

For example, If you inform us of cancellation after 7th of September which is 3 days before the original date of receiving, 10th of September, no refund.

Refund processing will be done within 3 days, but as for the day when refund is actually made to the customer, since there is also a relation of your credit card company, please consider as a guide within 3 days to several weeks. Usually refund is made within a few days.

Rental Period

The rental period commences at 00:00 JST on your pickup date and ends at 23:59 JST on your return date.

Extension of Rental Period

Rental period can be extended if our stock allows.
The additional cost will be calculated based on the discounted rate (1,080Yen / day) of the original rental period.

We will charge to the credit card that you originally paid with for the cost of the additional days.

If you use our Benri-Wifi without notifying us, it will be charged based on a higher rate (1,080 yen a day) so we strongly recommend that you can contact us in advance.

FUP: Fair Usage Policy

Fair Usage Policy is implemented by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in order to apply a bandwidth cap to a user when a channel shared by many users becomes overloaded or may already be overloaded. These caps vary by carrier and the terms and implementation of the policies are under the ISP’s control. We recommend avoiding certain things that commonly use large amounts of data: streaming video websites and services, cloud based backup or online storage applications, and applications that send or receive data automatically including backup and update services.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend to use up to about 1 GB per day. Depending on the quality of the movie, there is a possibility that the communication by video will reach 1 GB within 30 minutes. Please refrain from any large usage as much as possible so that you can continue to use the comfortable and fast Internet.


By accepting this Terms of Use, you agree to indemnify our officers, directors, employees, representatives, agents and other customers against all claims, demands, losses, costs or expenses, including but not limited to the attorney's fees, in any way connected with a breach of the agreement of this Terms of Use.

Governing Law

This Terms of Use is governed by Japanese law and all disputes shall be filed and processed according to the Japanese legal system.